Saturday, December 12, 2015

Sunken Sign

Another new fave from mid-autumn. With the colors of the water, algae, reflected sky, reflected trees, and fallen leaves, this picture feels magically surreal. How fun if the island is invisible, and this sign just makes people wade around in irresistible curiosity. Ha.

Electricity Trees

Small town neighborhoods, amirite?

That'll Curl Your Hair

Fear and loathing in the hair salon.

Burning Bright

Taken at the annual Balloon Stampede's Night Glow a couple years back. Hot air balloons make great night lights, if a bit noisy.

Summer Grass

A hot summer breeze blows across ripe grassy seed heads, and all you smell is sweet warmth as you lie beneath an azure sky dotted with tiny white puffs. Your lemonade glass is sweating almost as much as you are, and the dog has retreated to the shade of the nearest tree.

Summer is coming.

Into the Unknown

One of my latest faves, also from the Overexposure challenge. In the original, you can see that she is stomping her way through ice-encrusted snow in a large front yard. In this overexposed version, it's just one person heading out into the unknown cold, halfway vanished already. The cream colored coat really made this shot happen.

An Endless Game of Tag

Never gets old.


What a delightful rustbucket this is. The paint job makes my detail adjustments seem overdone, but this is really what it looks like. Note the red bumper to the side. This car feels full of gritty adventures to me. Maybe it's a cousin of Baby from Supernatural.

Bridge to Eternity

I love this style. It's all over Oregon, coast and gorge. Taken from the corner of the first switchback on the trail that leads down to the beach, and specifically to Thor's Well. Which is awesome as well. 

Blinding Sunflower

I love this sunflower. It was dying, had tipped over on its stalk until it faced the ground. Its petals are shriveling, but its color is undiminished. I've gotten more amazing effects from this flower than from any other of my pictures to date. I heart sunflowers now.